Austria takes part in Expo 2015 celebrating the most important nutrient for human beings as for the planet: air.
With the claim “Air as Food “, the Austrian Pavilion welcomes the visitors in its wood, a wood that covers 48% of the Pavilion reflecting the configuration of the country itself. In fact, 47% of the austrian land is covered by wood.
The Pavilion is composed of different types of wood representing the different climate zones in Austria.
The wood is the natural center of pure oxygen and it provides inside the Pavilion a temperature of about 5 ° less than the outside.
The concept behind the Pavilion is that technology must enhance nature, not vice versa.
All the information concerning the exhibition are drawn on the wooden walls instead of being conveyed through multimedia installations, reducing energy needs. The exhibition shows the commitment of Austria in sustainability and proposes to extend the concept behind the creation of the Pavilion to other public buildings.

austria ridotto2

Austria takes part in ‘Towards a Sustainable Expo’ for the category of sustainable architecture.
Here are the sustainable solutions for the construction of the Pavilion:
– prevalence of open spaces and limitation of enclosed spaces only to the service spaces and a few offices;
– cooling system using the fresh air produced by the wood and carried in the interior spaces through a system of pipes;
– a large photovoltaic system installed on the roof;
– an artistic installation made with the prototype of a photovoltaic structure that absorbs both solar and lunar light;
– presence of very low power consumption spot lights on the roof;
– use of LED lamps;
– use of mono-materials;
– certified wood;
– domotics system and remote control for water and energy management.

At the end of the event the Pavilion will be dismantled and given back to the builder. The trees will be donated to a mountain museum.

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