Azerbaijan participates for the first time in a Universal EXPO. The concept of his pavilion, on one hand exploit national identity and traditions and on the other the show the innovation that currently characterizes the country.
The Pavilion has also chosen to represent their wealth of biodiversity: Azerbaijan consist of nine of the eleven existing climates in the world.
The design of the Pavilion is characterized by a large sphere, made with curved glass and steel, which is divided in two viable floors. The Pavilion, designed from the very beginning to be dismantled at the end of Expo 2015, will become the Museum of Biodiversity in the Botanical Park of Baku (the capital of Azerbaijan).

In addition to the re-use after the Expo, other elements of sustainability of the Pavilion are:
– installation of an integrated photovoltaic system on the roof, of about 25 Kw;
– use of an innovative technology for the control of energy consumption that allows energy savings up to 20%;
– cooling system calibrated to the lower power consumption and the maximum use of natural ventilation of the building;
– use of low energy LED lamps;
– timber walls with the function of shading to reduce direct solar radiation ensuring controlled passage of natural light;
– use technology for water saving.

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