The Pavilion of Bahrain highlights the historical and agricoltural resources of the country.
The Pavilion is designed as a continuous outdoor landscape of ten distinctive fruit gardens, native to Bahrain, that will be fruit–bearing at different moments throughout the six-month duration of the exhibition.

The fruit gardens are separated by white prefabricated concrete panels, in the shape of a labyrinth.


The remarkable features of the Pavilion in terms of ​​sustainable architecture are the following:

the oudoor spaces allow not to have air conditioning systems with a significant advantage in terms of energy savings (except for a small space: the Emir’s room);
the white of the floors and of the panels reflects the light making the surfaces fresh;
the prefabricated concrete panels are dry-laid, seamless;
use of a soil moisture control system and of a remotely manageable irrigation system, to contain the water consumption;
use of low consumptiona and LED lamps.

With regard of the re-use of the structure, at the end of the event the Pavilion will be transferred to Bahrain and converted into a botanical garden.

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