Carlsberg, in Expo with Birrificio Angelo Poretti, takes part in the Towards a Sustainable Expo programme with initiatives relating not only to the category dedicated to sustainable architecture but also for the other categories of the programme, such as: sustainability of food offered by catering and food services; sustainabilty of furniture, packaging, merchandising and of the organization of events outside the Exposition Site and other not classifiable initiatives.

Here are the remarkable initiatives:

– Use of the innovative method of tapping DraughtMaster ™, which is based on the use of PET recyclable drums instead of those traditional made of steel. Moreover this new method does not require any release of carbon dioxide in the system to allow the beer to be tapped, allowing a considerable reduction of the environmental impact.

– Trees Clock: Carlsberg Italy will make visible through an electronic scoreboard the concrete reduction of carbon dioxide emissions achieved thanks to the tapping DraughtMaster ™. On the scoreboard it will be shown in real time the number of trees that Carlsberg will plant, in accordance with the equation: 3 drums = 1 tree, i.e. the use of 3 PET drums is equivalent to a reduction of CO2 emissions equal to the one consumed by one tree in a year.
The trees will be planted in Lombardy, in collaboration with Legambiente.

– Attention to all materials used for the construction of the Piazzetta, preferring materials with low environmental impact, (eg. recycled materials, certified or recycled wood, recycled metal, etc.) that can be easily dismantles and reused after the event. The sofas are made of pallets, the fences are made of 87% recycled metal and the lighting is exclusively made by LED lamps.

With regard to sustainable architecture, Carlsberg have chosen to have a big external area for not using any air conditioning system.

The structure of Carlsberg in Expo is not independent but it’s in a building shared with other companies; at the end of event all the recyclable materials will be reused in a new Carlsberg’s point of sale.