Cir Food

Cir Food is one of the largest and most influential food service companies in Italy, primarily serving schools, healthcare facilities and company cafeterias.
Cir Food brings to Expo 2015 its commitment to combine sustainability and accessibility, in other words quality at reasonable cost.

Cir Food takes part in the ‘Towards a Sustainable Expo’ programme for the following categories:
sustainability of the food provided by the food service and catering;
sustainability of the preparations, the packaging used, product merchandising and organization of any event outside the Exhibition Site

Among the remarkable initiatives there’s the selection of its suppliers. Cir Food, in fact, chooses organicĀ  and/or traditional products, with PDO or PGI certification (cheese, salami, olive oil, etc.).

In additio,n thanks to ADI (Italian Association of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition) Cir Food have realized some folders – one for each of its sale format in Expo (Tracce, ViaVai, Let’s Toast and Chiccotosto) – which contain the list of food offered including, in addition to the presence of potential allergens and the list of the ingredients, also the “Mangiarsano thermometer”.
“Mangiarsano thermometer” is an indicator of the global nutritional assessment of the portion of food/dish/product choosen, distinguishing between products that can be safely consumed several times during the day, products that call for reflection on the nutritional balance of the meal in the whole day and, finally, those for whom it is good to pay attention. (for further information:

CIR has also taken care of the interior design of its spaces, preferring furniture easily removable and reusable and mainly made of mono-recycled and/or recyclable materials (such as pallets and plastic crates and certified wood)