The Pavilion of Coca-Cola, with its simple and compact structure, has been designed from the very beginning to ensure the reuse of the entire building, in conformity with Expo 2015 directives.

The second life of this Pavilion will be that of a basketball court.
For this purpose everything has been conceived to be removable, therefore without any welding. It has been chosen dry technology. The elements of the structure are almost completly recyclable and the renewable energy is procured by heat pumps supplying the energy needs of nearly 50%. For the lightning it have been used low energy consumption lamps and state-of-the-art LED lamps.

coca cola

The structure is completely covered and there are no air cooling systems. This choice is made possible by the technology used in the construction of the four facades which maximize the energetic efficiency. Each facade has been constructed using a different natural element: wood, glass, water and green.

On the west facade the glass sheets allow the activation of the flow of air. The north facade has been realized with moving thin plates of glass, operated by an electric handling system. The south one is opaque to guarantee the isolation from the heat load.

Lastly, the roof is green with white sheath.

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