The Colombian Pavilion takes part in Expo 2015 highlighting the preciousness of a country where all the seasons coexist during the whole year.
During the visit at the Pavilion it’s possible to cross the five “thermal floors” of the world thanks to an elevator that goes through them; an experience that describes this land marked by an extraordinary natural equilibrium.

The respect of the principle of sustainability in the architectural and structural elements of the Pavilion is represented by the choice of sustainable materials, in particular of the wood, coming from certified woods of the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.



The other sustainable solutions have been:
– use of dry technology that allows an easier removal of the structure at the end of the event;
– use of openable skylights in order to make the best use of the natural light and to regulate the air recirculation in the environment;
– green roof, whose benefits go from the protection of the waterproofing to the regulation of the microclimate through the lowering of the temperature of the air and to the reduction of the heat-island effect.
All this contributes to reduce the environmental impact.

The project for the second life of the Pavilion is to bring it back to Colombia.

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