The Estonia Pavilion attracts visitors’ attention to the swings that emerge from the wooden walls. The entire hall is built by interlocking modules of wood that, as superimposed boxes, form the “Gallery of Estonia” where, from ground floor up to the rooftop terrace, at the third level, recount a country where old traditions and nature come together with technological innovation.

Estonia participates in the program “Towards a Sustainable Expo” for the first (sustainable architecture) and the fourth category (other sustainable initiatives).
As regards the architecture, the Pavilion is presented as a complex building open and permeable on several fronts to allow a wide air circulation. This choice, natural ventilation, allow the none-use of air conditioning systems (except for two small rooms intended for offices). In this way, and thanks to the use of solutions and energy-efficient technologies, it was possible to reduce energy requirements. Among interesting elements of sustainability, is remarkable that the wood, used for many building elements, comes from controlled forests of Estonia.