Eurochocolate, through his twenty years experience in the construction of major events related to cocoa and chocolate, takes part in Expo with the design of the content, commercial management and events for Cluster of Cocoa and Chocolate.
Eurochocolate also designed and built the pavilions “The Lindt Chocolate Factory” and “Baci Perugina” for which he decided to participate in the program “Towards a Sustainable Expo” (for the first category: sustainable architecture)
In the two halls, in addition to story of two industry leaders, meetings and events are organized.
The pavilions, designed and built with similar solutions, adopt the following strategies in terms of sustainability:
• all the wood used is certified PEFC and comes from forests managed with sustainable processes;
• the dry construction is used to minimize materials difficult to separate;
• technologies are adopted to contain the energy and water consumption.
In addition to the Pavilion of Lindt it was installed a solar photovoltaic system.