The French Pavilion is the stylized reproduction of various French landscapes.
The Pavilion is made of wood and its shape is also due to exhibition requirements.

Through the exhibition France proposes as solution to the challenge of a more sustainable world: the deployment of all the resources – locally and globally – above all those achieved from the scientific and technological research.

France takes part in “Towards a Sustainable Expo” for the category of sustainable architecture.
The sustainable solutions for this category have been:
– the openings of the structure allow not to use air-conditioning system (for the exhibition);
– the structure itself provides the shading inside the Pavilion and the maximization of natural light;
– green roof and a vegetable garden (at the entrance);
– use of certified wood;
– no finishing elements for the floor (except in the kitchen for hygiene reasons);
– presence of four stairs in steel (99% reusable material);
– use of LED lamps and motion light sensors for the bathrooms and the stairs.

The Pavilion is designed to not be just dismantled but also to serve several functions.
The final destination is yet to be determined.

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