illy has curated the Coffee Custer at Expo working together with the International Coffee Organization, a space dedicated to coffee and the major producer countries.
The Coffee Cluster will host the biggest celebration of coffee in history.

illy participates in ‘Towards a Sustainable Expo’ for the categories concerning the sustainability of furniture, packaging, merchandising and of the organization of events outside the Exposition Site and other initiatives not classifiable under a specific category.

illy has organized an experiential exhibition with four stations: salgado and botany; harvest, processing, transport and selection; roasting and packaging; tasting and processing techniques.
illycaffè has brought some mini roasters for roasting green coffee directly, allowing visitors to get closer to the last process of transformation of coffee from the raw material to the finished product.
In addition, the initiative has enabled the company to highligth the countries hosted in the Cluster: every week the coffee of each country is roasted and offered for sale to the visitors, in grain form or already ground, in packages made of entirely biodegradable and compostable materials.

illycaffè has also organized several events focused on the theme of the coffee supply chain and on how the company works to make it as sustainable as possible. illy also pays close attention to minimize the environmental impact resulting from the events (eg . using only digital media for communication strategies).