Intesa San Paolo

Intesa San Paolo, the Official Global Partner of Expo Milano 2015, takes part in this Universal Exhibition with two Pavilions: the larger one, called The waterstone”, hostes a branch of the bank and an exhibition space; the second and smaller one is the Self- Service Area, a reception and support service point with a terrace.
Intesa San Paolo takes part in “Towards a Sustainable Expo” for the category of sustainable architecture and for the fourth category concerning initiatives on sustainability.
For the second category, Intesa san Paolo has organized with its partners some events on renewable energy, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. In particular, Intesa has exploited Expo 2015 to discuss and to develop a network around the theme of sustainability.
With regard to sustainable architecture here are the solutions for the two Pavilions:

– use of ecological and recyclable materials, especially wood for the interior and wooden panels constructed with a shingle technique for the external cladding;
– use of light colors to reduce the incident solar radiation. The cladding panels contribute to the shielding of the internal environment;
– use of heat pumps system to control possible temperature changes, in particular in october;
– use of temperature and humidity monitoring system, even remotely;
– remote lighting control system;
– technological solution for water saving.

terrace with green roof and ceramic floor;
– facade made of expanded metal and certified wood slats;
– temperature control system in the retrobancomat.

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