The Irish Pavilion is divided into three levels.
The ground floor is dedicated to the exhibition about the natural heritage of the country and its commitment for a sustainable future.
On the first floor there is a room that hosts business events and, lastly, the terrace where it’s possible to note the sail-shaped façade of the Pavilion. This characteristic is part of the sustainable solutions at the architectural level, since this particular shape allows the attenuation of solar radiation on the east side of the structure. The other solutions to minimize the incident solar radiation have been: the trees, for the west façade, and the green covering and shielding systems like pergolas, for the roof.

Other aspects of sustainability are:

the walls are made of wood and the doors and the windows are made of aluminum;
the lighting system is composed of LED lights and can be controlled by a management system, even remotely.

Ireland takes part in Expo 2015 as world-leading producer of sustainably produced food and drink thanks to its ‘Origin Green’, the only sustainability food programme in the world operating on a national scale across an entire industry: from farm to factory.

At the heart of Origin Green is Ireland’s commitment to achieve sustainability in food and drink prduction by 2016.

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