The Israeli Pavilion stands out for its huge wall covered by a vertical garden.

The garden is composed by different types of crops, typical of Israeli agriculture, that will change as the seasons pass. The irrigation system used to water the garden is the drop-by-drop irrigation technique, a technique that allows water recycling, an ideal solution for lands characterized by water scarcity.

This choice is made to meet needs for sustainability as well as to promote Israeli commitment on agricultural innovation.


Israel is at the forefront in the research of innovative solutions for dry territories. The challenge for Israel is to develop sustainable technologies in agricultural field in areas at risk of desertification.

According to sustainability criteria, other solutions have been: use of sustainable and certified materials, use of dry technology, use of LED lighting for energy savings.

Two possibile scenarios are foreseen for the second life of the Pavilion: the first one envisages its maintenance on the spot assigning the structure to a “center for agriculture”; the second one is the reconversion in a climbing gym or in another kind of sports facility.

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