The smoke of the cup that turns into a whirlwind of words and images is the installation designed by Lavazza to welcome the visitors to the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2015.

Lavazza aims to incorporate the model of “life cycle thinking” where sustainability is an integral part of the business, taking inspiration from the words of its founder: “I don’t wanna live in a world that destroys the goods of nature” (Luigi Lavazza, 1935) .
In line with this commitment Lavazza takes part in the programme “Towards a Sustainable Expo”.

Lavazza is participating for the following categories:
sustainability of food offered by catering and food services;
sustainability of furniture, packaging, merchandising and of the organization of events outside the Exposition Site;
other initiatives not classifiable in the abovementioned categories

Great attention, infact, have been given to the selection of suppliers, in social and environmental terms; in the selection of food and beverages and of the merchandise and, more generally, in all elements of the packaging used.

Moreover, in the Pavilion the visitors can find some types of coffee for which the studies on Carbon Footprint were made:
– Carbon footprint of a cup of coffee prepared with mocha using a pack of coffee Kafa 250 g
– Carbon footprint of 1 kg of roasted coffee beans, Tierra.

And, finally, it has been activated the Food Recovery, an initiative that consists of the collection of the coffee grounds getting from the coffee offered to the visitors in the Lavazza little square in Expo. The coffee grounds will be given to the social cooperative ‘Il Giardinone’ that will turn them into compost.