Lithuania takes part in ‘Towards a Sustainable Expo’ for the category of sustainable architecture and for the category concerning special environmental projects.

The concept of the Pavilion wants to combine tradition and innovation: on one side the country’s rich tradition in agriculture and on the other side the country’s commitment to the development of innovative solutions in food production on an industrial scale.
The scale-shaped Pavilion reflects the balance between these two elements.
Translation and innovation are represented by two separate buildings connected by two footbridges.

The main sustainable solutions in the construction of the Pavilion have been:
– system of external shading (for the space used as bar and restaurant) given by the structure itself;
– maximum reduction of air conditioning system;
– use of sustainable materials including wood for the floor and for the central block of the Pavilion;
– use of an energy control system with presence sensors;
– use of LED and low consumption lamps.

The Pavilion has been designed to be dismantled and almost integrally re-used. The non-reusable parts such as furniture, appliances, elevators will be reused for other events and some of them will be donated to charitable insitutions.