The Pavilion of Malaysia is divided into four seed-shaped structures.
The seed, simple and strong at the same time, symbolises the growth and the potential within.
This solution combines both scenic and architectural solutions dictated by sustainability.

In fact, the external structure of the seeds is built with the “glulam”, an innovative and certified wood, made from sustainable local material.

The Pavilion of Malaysia wants to represent country’s commitment to the progress and responsible consumption of resources.

Other sustainable solutions in the construction of the Pavilion have been:

– reduction of the number of components and materials, with advantages in the phase of dismantling and reycling of the materials used;
– use of prefabricated elements that can be easily assembled to simplify the construction phases with consequent minor impacts;
– reduction of the space requiring air conditioning to reduce energy consumption;
– technology solution to save water;
– efficient lighting system and use of LED lamps.

As for the second life of the Pavilion, the structure was designed to be disassembled and reused as a multi-purpose center in Malaysia.