The Pavilion of the Principality of Monaco catches the visitors attention thanks to the originality of one of its architectural elements: freight containers.

A part of the structure is made by a large number of containers and this represents both a sustainable solution and a symbolic choice.

In fact, on one side, the containers symbolize the role of exchange of the Principality of Monaco and, on the other side, they have been selected among those arrived to their “last trip” avoiding that they become waste to be disposed of.

Besides the container, the other material used to address sustainability is the wood, in this particular case conifer wood, certified with guaranteed control of the whole production chain.

Other elements of sustainability are:
– orientation of the Pavilion that leverages the natural light;
– lighting is achieved by LED lamps, adjustable and programmable according to the natural light entering though the large windows;
– the building has a lightweight structure to not burden on the ground, using exportable and recyclable plinths;
-the roof is green and it has been used a particular moss that retains moisture and allows the cultivation of Mediterranean plants on the roof;
– installation of a system to collect rainwater to irrigate the plants and the crops.


As regards the reuse of the structure, the second life of the Pavilion has already been planned in detail. Its reallocation will be in Burkina Faso as training center for Red Cross operators.

It will be the core of a broader aggregate of structures that will house activities and courses.

The intended use of some parts will change but the structure will be integrally re-used except for the foundation, of some structural parts and of the roof due to the different climatic conditions and to the technological development of Burkina Faso.

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