Promoting sustainability in agriculture is the objective of the participation of New Holland at Expo 2015. The lush green roof and the methan-fueled tractor recall the model of a sustainable farm, independent from the fossil fuels thanks to bioenergy.

Some of the sustainability aspects of this Pavilion have been:

use of dry technology, which will allow an easier removal of the built and has guaranteed a reduced environmental impact;

use of photovoltaic to meet part of the energy needs of the Pavilion;

green roof that minimizes the heat island effect and the heat transfer in the internal parts;
natural ventilation to reduce energy consumption. Along the north side of the structure there are automatic openings that, thanks also to a fan, facilitate the flow of air;

use of a tank for collecting rainwater and its reuse to water the green roof;

use of LED lighting

Concerning there use and the recycling of the structure after the event, the Pavilion will be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere, probably as a customer center of the company. For this reason heavy foundations and concrete have not been used.