The Pavilion of Oman brings to Expo 2015 the Omani pride for its typical forts and its mountains.
From the aesthetic point of view, the building reproduces the stylistic features of Omani architecture, rethinking the constructive techniques according to the temporary nature of the structure.

Oman is one of the country where the food scarcity has represented a major challenge and still has to cope with the water shortage. As shown in the exhibition, in Oman it has been pionereed a technique to draw the water even from the fog.

The Omani Pavilion celebrates the preciousness of water describing how agricultural system, crops and livestock, everything depends on it. For this reason at the entrance a sundial is exposed, traditionally used for water rationing.
The water used for the Pavilion is retrieved and reused for the fountains and the scenic elements.

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Moreover, the structure was made from metal certified according to LEED standards; the flooring uses self-blocking floors of concrete, reusable. The 50% of the external parts of the Pavilion as well as the 70% of the structure will be recycled.
The covering of the roof is made of stabilized sand and gravel to replace the green roof for consistency with the fact that in Oman there’s very little vegetation.
The roof still meets the sustainability parameters established by Expo.