San Pellegrino

Sanpellegrino Group, Italy’s leading beverage company, is committed to raise awareness about the importance of water as vital resource and, therefore, to be protected.

Piazzetta S. Pellegrino in Expo, in fact, is conceived as a place for events dedicated to the correct use of water resources.
Sanpellegrino takes part in the ‘Towards a Sustainble Expo’ programme for the category concerning the events organized to promote the value of sustainability.
Sanpellegrino Group has supported FEMTEC (World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy) and the Charter of Values ​​and Commitments of Milan, in organizing on June 11th in Expo, the event entitled “Hydration and Health, the hidden links”: the event was the opportunity to present the Manifesto of Hydration and the Consensus Paper on the health risks caused by wrong or inadequate hydration.

Moreover, in collaboration with AMSA and its own brand Levissima, Sanpellegrino has realized 3-cargo bikes running around the city of Milan during summer 2015 by AMSA operators to raise awareness about the importance of outdoor recycling and to promote the recycling of PET bottles and glass.

With the recycled material, SanPellegrino will create street furniture to be allocated in a public open area of the city. This initiative has contributed to recover more than 24,000 PET bottles educating about half a million people on the proper way of waste disposal.