Save the Children participate to Expo with a “experiential village” made primarily of wood and characterized by an open space, permeable at entrances, with outdoor areas planted with gardens and orchards.
The tour allows visitors to “twin up” with a child and to follow him in life in his village with the daily difficulties related to the search of food.
Save the Children participated in “Towards a Sustainable Expo” for the category of sustainable architecture.

The solutions in this field are:
– absence of systems for cooling/heating (except for a small space for offices) thanks to an open concept that allows natural ventilation; this led to a reduction in energy consumption;
– Presence of a green roof covering the Pavilion;
– prevalent use of certified wood for roof, pillars, beams and roofing
– Presence of a demonstrative photovoltaic system that produces about a 1 kw and that feeds the perimeter lights;
– Installation of a tank for rainwater recovery and an irrigation system that measures the humidity of the soil and regulates its operation in function of the real needs;
– Presence of LED lamps and other technological solutions to reduce electric consumption.

After the Expo Pavilion will be reused in Somaliland as an expansion of an existing hospital built by an Turin NGO of Turin.
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