The aim of the Slovenian Pavilion is to stimulate the visitor’s senses.
The senses are stimulated with ‘the Slovenian personal touch’, which means through the recipe proposed by this country whose resources and tradition allow a good quality of life.
The Slovenian exhibition focuses on natural elements such as honey (Slovenia is one of the leaders in beekeeping), salt (slovenia is a leading producer of salt), water and carbon black, an highly dangerous element to whom a Slovenian biologist has devoted the first large-scale study.The outside of the pavilion is surrounded by plants representing all regions of Slovenia.

slovenia ridotto 2

Slovenia takes part in Towards a Sustainable Expo for the category of sustainable architecture and these are the main solutions for the construction of the Pavilion:
– absence of air conditioning system (except for the offices);
– shading system provided by tends adjustable according to need;
– use of certified wood;
– green wall with a remote computer to control the irrigation system;
– prevalence of natural and sustainable materials such as wood and glass;
– presence of a water tank to irrigate the green parts;
– use of LED lamps.

For the second life of the Pavilion it has been planned the reuse of all the recyclable materials and the dismantling and reconstruction of the structure in Slovenia.

The intended use is yet to be defined.