Triulza Foundation curates the Pavilion dedicated to civil society organizations, Cascina Triulza.

Triulza Foundation participates in “Towards a Sustainable Expo” for the category concerning initiatives on sustainability.
Here some of the most remarkable activities:
– Charter of Values: the Foundation has formed an Ethics Commission in order to establish a Charter of Values to be signed by all participants in the activities of Cascina and an assessment questionnaire of the organizations to be selected for the initiatives of the Pavilion.;

– Organization of entertainment events, experiments and workshops for children aged 4 to 10 years on water, healthy food and environmental sustainability. The workshops have been organized by 18 different organizations and about 1,500 children have participated between May and August;

– Presentation and promotion of the “Terra Viva” Manifesto ” that analyzes and denounces the limits of the linear model of economy, proposing the adoption of a model of regenerative, circular economy. The Manifesto is the work of a panel of international researchers led by Vandana Shiva;

– In collaboration with Aicarr and Bureau Veritas, a workshop have been organized to investigate the connections between energy and food production entitled: “Energy and food communities: a sustainable program.

– the event “FestAmbientExpo – Back to the land to seed the future”, promoted by Legambiente from 5 to 7 june in conjunction with the World Environment Day of UN, has been hosted to tell about italian innovative agricultural realities that combine traditional knowledge with new technologies.