Turkey Pavilion is organized as an open space with no barriers and great permeability for visitors. The pavilion is meant to represent the culture and nature of the country, with different exposure and a garden (with 50 pomegranates), surrounded by kiosks and market areas. Inside the Pavilion, Turkish exhibition shows culture between tradition, technology and innovation.

Among the elements of sustainability:
– the organization of the Pavilion with a large open space that promotes natural ventilation;
– the air conditioning is therefore limited to confined space for the small building on the lot that contains an exhibition space and offices;
– a part of the materials of the installation will be reused in Turkey for local exposures;
– the use of low energy LED lamps and energy-saving solution;
– the use technology for water saving.

For further information on this Pavilion, please visit http://www.turkeyexpo2015.com/