The USA takes part in “Towards a Sustainable Expo” for the category of food&beverage e and for the fourth category concerning other initiatives on sustainability.
The Pavilion has been designed from the beginning with attention to sustainability (e.g. a large Smart Glass installation on the terrace, the vertical farm and an efficient watering system). In particular, the project has followed the “life cycle thinking” approach paying sound attention to waste reduction, especially in relation to primary packaging and all the logistic operations.

Moreover, the USA Pavilion promoted the Student Ambassador Programme: 120 College students selected from over 1.000 applicants from US in order to spend 3 months in Expo as ambassadors of the message of the Pavilion centered on how to feed 9 bilion people by the year 2050. The Ambassadors interacted every day with Visitors and supported the Terrace Talks, the conferences held weekly at the Pavilion to discuss about topics related to food security and sustainability.
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