China Vanke Pavilion, designed by architect Daniel Libeskind, stands out with an external façade that recalls the image of a dragon: it is made up of 4,000 sheets of metallic red, the so called “dragon scales” characterized by high anti-pollution and self-cleaning performances. In fact, produced with the innovative Bios Self-Cleaning, these ceramic components, in the presence of sunlight, trigger a reaction that eliminates pollutants in the air and decomposes the dirt that has deposited on their surface, that will then be naturally removed by rainwater.

After the closing of the Event, the metal components of the pavilion will be recycled and the 4,000 tiles will be auctioned (the project “Long Plan”, where long means “dragon” in Chinese). The proceeds will be donated for the renovation project of the area surrounding the ancient temple of the 5 Dragons in the Chinese province of Shanxi.

In addition to the environmental characteristics of the “dragon scales”, in the Pavilion of Vanke Group other solutions for sustainability were adopted. The main strategies are: the use of a green roof as part of the coverage of building, the use of technologies to reduce energy and water consumption.