World Association of Agronomists

The concept underlying the project of the Pavilion of the World Association of Agronomists is the Global Farm 2.0, i.e. the model of a farm that collects the legacy of the past, in terms of materials and constructive tecniques, and launches agronomic research towards sustainability challenges of the new millennium.

This Pavilion, with its ‘hall of thought’, is designed as a place for scientific and professional debate and as an opportunity to forge a knowledge network on agronomic issues. The room, in fact, evokes the idea of a farmyard formed around a tree (planted in the center of the Pavilion).

2015-07-24 12.56.12

2015-07-24 13.02.58

The Pavilion has been conceived as a summary of different farms and the materials used reflect the evolution of farm over time, in particular iron and wood.
The structure has three types of coatings: mirror, to recall the tin; cork bark, produced by a Sardinian company and the green of the roof.
Botht the building and the facilities respect the principle of saving, both economic and energetic.

In this sense, except for the central hall, the entire structure is not air conditioned. It has been used dry technology and LED lighting. To minimize the impact of the foundations there are isolated plinths to allow the complete removal of the structure at the end of the event.

The second life of the structure foresees two possible options: the maintenance on the spot, turning the Pavilion into a center for the transfer of know-how concerning food and agriculture or the reconversion as a center for communication and promotion of the work of the Association itself.