Sustainable Pavilions in Expo. Mission accomplished.

Corriere della Sera has dedicated an article to the good results achieved in terms of sustainability of the Pavilions of Expo 2015.

The stated objective of Expo 2015 was to create a sustainable event so all participants have been invited to the respect of seven good practices: energy savings for air conditioning, through passive solutions; limitation of energy consumption through more efficient systems; use of renewable energy; use of recycled materials; water saving; respect of the soil and, after the end of the event, the reuse or the recycling of the structures used as Pavilions.
In addition, the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with Expo 2015 has set up a sort of competition ‘Towards a Sustainable Expo’, using the work of the technicians of the Politecnico of Milan that have analysed the pavilions in terms of design and construction and to evaluate their effective sustainability.

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