The good intentions expressed during Expo start to come true.
As announced by the designers and the communications manager of Coca-Cola and as shown in the section dedicated to this Pavilion on our website, the Coca-Cola Pavilion created for Expo 2015 will become an indoor basketball court. It will rise in the Robinson park in Famagosta area (between the streets Rimini, La Spezia and Famagosta). Coca-Cola will also cover and rebuild one of the two basketball courts already existing in the area. The project involves the rehabilitation of the adjacent court, according to a model of inclusiveness that will incorporate the installation of baskets are also suitable for disabled people.
Chiara Bisconti, Councillor of Wellness, Quality of Life, Sport and Leisure of the municipality of Milano has thanked Expo 2015 and Coca-Cola for this gift to the city.
The reuse of the Pavilion was one of the requirements made by Expo 2015 to the participants and so far the Coca-Cola Pavilion is one of the first Pavilions whose reuse is ascertained.
The Pavilion of the Coca-Cola has been awarded the context of the initiative ‘Towards a Sustainable Expo, organized by Expo 2015, the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and the Politecnico di Milano.