The exposure of the wall "The carbon footprint of food - Partake" at the Faculty of Architecture of Milan has been extended

The exposure of the wall “The carbon footprint of food products – Partake”, the media panel that through video and graphics illustrates the relationship between climate change and food production, will last one more week.
The panel, in fact, will be exhibited in the Aula Roger, in the atrium of the Faculty of Architecture (Building 11 Via Ampere, 2, Milan) until November 6th, 2015.
The panel illustrates interactively topics such as:
• the impact, in terms of greenhouse gases emitted, of many foods;
• the incidence of the various stages of production (cultivation, processing, packaging, refrigeration, transportation) on the carbon footprint of food;
• the consequences of food waste;
• the implications of climate change on food safety;
• the impact of different economic sectors (agriculture, industry, services, transport, construction, etc) on the total greenhouse gas emissions.