The wall "The carbon footprint of food - Partake" at the Faculty of Architecture

On the occasion of the conference “Climate Change: From Global Scenarios to the classroom of Politecnico” promoted within the project City Studies Sustainable Campus for the initiative “Sustainable Days”, the wall “The carbon footprint of food – Partake” will be exposed. The wall is a media panel that, through video and graphics, tells about the relationship between climate change and food production.

The panel will be exposed from 19th to 30th of October 2015 in the Aula Roger of the atrium of Faculty of Architecture (Building 11 Via Ampere, 2, Milan).

The panel illustrates:
• the impact, in terms of greenhouse gases emitted, of many foods;
• the incidence of the various stages of production (cultivation, processing, packaging, refrigeration, transportation) on the carbon footprint of food;
• the consequences of food waste;
• the implications of climate change on food safety;
• the impact of different economic sectors (agriculture, industry, services, transport, construction, etc) on the total greenhouse gas emissions.

The panel of about 2 meters by 2, 5 meters with a central monitor, have been realized for Expo Milano 2015 and the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, with the help of two departments of Politecnico di Milano (Department of Energy and Density Design) within the project ‘Partake’ on the environmental managemen of Expo.