Zero Impact? No! Less Impact? Yes!

Corriere della Sera published an article about the themes of Expo 2015.
Expo 2015 is the opportunity to talk about sustainability and food.
The environmental impact of our consumption behavior plays a very important role. But if ‘Zero Impact’is a utopian objective, ‘Less Impact’ is a goal everybody can reach: paying more attention to water consumption, using less car and heating and being more conscious about the food we eat.

The Researchers of Politecnico of Milan, Laura Tagliabue and Matteo Zanchi and the Professor Stefano Caserini, Professor in “Mitigation in Climate Change”, have calculated the carbon footprint of four different diets. The normal diet “costs” in terms of carbon dioxide emissions 7.5 pounds a day for each person, a diet without red meat costs 6.5, the Mediterranean one 6.1, the Vegetarian one 5.8-pound.

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