The carbon footprint measures the impact of all human activities, as well as those one originated by human actions, on the production of carbon dioxide, the most responsible gas for climate change.
The calculation of the carbon footprint includes the measurement of the greenhouse gases emitted along the entire lifecycle of a product from the raw material extraction to the final disposal.

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Because of the problems due to the excessive production of gases harmful for the planet it’s more and more urgent to be conscious of the carbon footprint originated by our daily habits.

Regarding the eating habits,thanks to the app ‘Partake’ you can easily calculate the CFP produced by your food choices.

Moreover, nowadays many foods we find on the shelves of the supermarkets foresee labels that point out the carbon footprint (i.e. the quantity of the energy needed to produce them) to orient the consumer in the choice of the most respectful products for the environment.

The sustainability passes through here, too.