Sustainability is the core value of Expo Milano 2015.
Beyond the statement of this value, this Universal Exposition is engaged in making itself sustainable.

As a matter of fact, the respect of the standards of sustainability has been applied also to the event itself through some actions to be effected for the entire lifecycle of the event, to prevent, mitigate and compensate the possible negative effects on the environment.

What are these actions? How to make a Big Event sustainable?

The intent to take part to a sustainable expo is concretized by the following initiatives: sustainable architecture of Self-Built Pavilions and exhibition areas, sustainability of food offered by catering and food services, use of fair trade products fair trade, etc…

On this website, it has been launched the contest ‘Toward a sustainable Expo’ that involves the participants of this Big Event to search innovative solutions to reduce their own production of CO2.

It’s also available for free download the app that guides the users in the world of the carbon footprint, its causes and its effects.

The aim is to leave, as legacy for the future, the best solutions to make also the next Big Events more sustainable.

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