Partake APP

Partake is the App that makes you understand how to reduce your Carbon Footprint (CFP).
What is the impact of the food production and of our eating habits on the accumulation of carbon dioxide emissions? Thanks to the information and the games included in this app you will easily find it out!



The App is divided into 4 sections:

–  Climate change and food
The agriculture and the breeding contribute to the accumulation of climate-changing gas emissions in the atmosphere. On the other side climate change jeopardises food safety.
Learn more about the connection between climate change and food safety with a simple quiz!

– Carbon Footprint (CFP) of the food
Play and find out the impact of the production of some foods in the built-up of carbon dioxide, then calculate the CFP produced by your meal!


– Ecolabel
Learn more about the labels that certify the eco friendly and pro-environmental productions and organizations

– Food waste and recycling
See the consequences of the food waste and then score in the recycling bins, if you can!

Download here the App!

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